Helsingfors svenska sjukvårdsinstituts vänner rf:s (HSSI) scholarship funds for students in social- and healthcare at Arcada opens their funds for application  

The purpose of the funds is to support students in social- and healthcare at Arcada. This is implemented by granting merit-based scholarships in accordance with the wishes of the donors. Students who fulfill one of the criteria below can apply for the scholarship:

  • have reached success in their studies that supports the development of caring ethics
  • with their thesis work contributes to the development of caring science
  • have showed an interest in and actively participated in activities to maintain good relationships in the study group or for the cooperation between teachers and students.


Who can apply?

Students in the following programs on bachelor level: midwife, emergency care, public health and nursing.

When to apply?

The application for these scholarships is done in the last semester of the studies (for nursing students usually in December). The application round for students graduating in January 2020 the application round is open 15.12.19-15.1.2020.

How to apply?

The student fills the application form: Application HSSI. Please send the application form and appendices to Berit Onninen. Obligatory appendices to the application: transcript of records. Please also include all documents you base your application on, for instance your thesis work, project work or written assignment from a specific course. If the application is based on your thesis work the written statement must also be attached.

Incomplete or late applications will not be processed.