The Arcada Foundation


The Arcada Foundation supports higher education in Swedish

According to its statutes, the foundation’s purpose is to support higher education in Swedish in Finland. The Arcada Foundation maintains Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd. Arcada is a multi-professional university of applied sciences (UAS) with its campus located in Arabianranta, Helsinki. Arcada offers high quality practice-oriented higher education on both bachelor’s and master’s levels as well as further education in Swedish and English within:

  • Business Administration
  • Sports
  • Media
  • Culture
  • Social- and Health Care
  • Technology

The Arcada Foundation also manages a number of funds and is one of the owners of Majstranden’s student accommodation External link, located in Arabianranta.

A foundation with a long history

The Arcada Foundation was founded under the name The foundation for Helsinki Technical Grammar School on 12 September 1930 (included in the register of foundations on 20 March 1931). The foundation has changed its name twice since then, first to Stiftelsen Tekniska läroverket, and later on to the Arcada Foundation.

Organization number: 0200099-5.

Transparent administration

The Arcada Foundation’s primary task is to maintain Arcada University of Applied Sciences Ltd and pursue activities that directly promote the realisation of the foundation’s goals. The foundation’s central administrative body is the board of administration, the board of the foundation, and the managing director.

The Arcada Foundation’s administration is based on the Foundations Act, the Foundation’s statutes and Rules of Procedure. The Arcada Foundation also complies with good administrative practices and the instructions “Good governance in Foundations“, issued by the Council of Finnish Foundations, of which the Arcada Foundation is a member.


Contact information

Arcada Foundation
Jan-Magnus Janssonin aukio 1
00560 Helsinki

Managing Director Klas Nyström
+358 207 699 474

Leading Legal Counsel Anna Härmä
(Secretary of the Arcada Foundation’s board of administration and the board of the foundation)
+358 207 699 488, +358 50 540 43 82