Apply for grants from Arcada’s Stipendiefonder during 7.2 – 4.3 2022

Grants may be applied for purposes that contribute to and improve the applicant’s studies at Arcada, for further studies (for a master or doctoral degree), post-doctorate studies, studies or work practice abroad, conference trips, seminar visits, study visits in Finland or abroad, or studies at Arcada. The applicant’s success at the current place of study will be taken into account when the application is assessed. The applicant should be studying for an engineer degree at Arcada, or be an alumni from Arcada’s engineering programs.

The application should include:

  • The purpose of the grant – what is applied for?
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivation for applying
  • Time period for which the grant is applied
  • Transcript of Records (not for post-doc applications)
  • Budget

If the application concerns a grant for research or studies, then it should include additionally:

  • Study certificate / proof of enrollment at the place of study
  • Research/Study plan
  • List of publications(only if the application concerns studies or research after the completion of an engineering degree)
  • Letters of recommendation (if available)

NB! Grants for studies (bachelor, master, licentiate, or doctoral degree) will not be approved if the applicant already has a degree of similar level for which the grant is applied.

If the application concerns a travel grant for international studies or
work practice, then it should include additionally:

  • Travel Plan
  • Information on the place of study / work practice
  • Documentation confirming the period of study / work practice
  • Letters of recommendation (if available)

Amounts may be applied for as follows:

  • Smaller grants max. 1000€
  • Travel grants max. 2000€
  • Master studies 1500€ / month
  • Doctoral studies 2000€ / month
  • Post-doctoral studies 3500€ / month

NB! Support for Master studies are limited to a maximum of 18 months total, and post-doc studies to a 24 month total. Previously awarded grants are included in this total.

NB! When applying for support for master, doctoral, or post-doctoral studies, the budget should only detail such expenses that exceed the above indicated amounts for the respective studies. Examples:

1) If you apply for 6 months of mater studies, then you apply for 9000€ (6 x 1500€) and thus no detailed budget is required.

2) If you apply for 12 months support for doctoral studies, and support for 2 conference trips à 1000€, then you apply for 26 000€ (12 x 2000€ + 2 x 1000€) and provide a budget for the conference trips as they exceed the above indicated amount for doctoral studies.

NB! Overhead costs (to cover mandatory costs for e.g. a work space at the place of study) for doctoral and post-doctoral studies may be applied for, to a maximum amount of 15% of the applied total. A detailed description of the overhead applied for must be included in the application.

Applications are expected to be thorough, and should be submitted, along with all required appendices, 4.3.2022 (midnight) at the latest using the application system (link below). Incomplete applications will not be considered. Reports on the use of approved grants are to be submitted 31.1.2024 at the latest, unless other instructions are communicated. Reports are submitted through the application system.

Decisions will be communicated in April/May.

Download English instructions for the application system here.

Apply here External link

Additional questions may be directed to Michael von Boguslawski, Ph.D,, 040 828 0018.